Top 7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Small Websites

There are many ways of monetizing websites, which gives publishers many potential revenue possibilities but also requires some serious research to find a solution that will allow them to monetize traffic. The choice of a service provider is crucial, as some advertising companies have requirements that exclude low traffic websites and bloggers.

Top 7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Small Websites

Which are the best Google AdSense alternatives for small websites? Which are top mobile ad networks? Which is the best CPM ad network for blogger? These are only some of the most common questions asked by website owners who want to monetize traffic. Is there a simple answer to any of these questions? Well, it all depends on many factors, however, there are some advertising companies that have been around for a while now and are worth mentioning. Here is a short list including the top paying ad network, AdSense alternatives for low traffic, as well as some of the largest ad networks.

Similarly to Adshares, Coinzilla is one of the so-called crypto ad networks or bitcoin ad networks, if you will. It is also a good CPM ad network for low traffic websites. The network was founded as an initiative to promote the crypto niche. Coinzilla helps advertisers promote their finance and cryptocurrency projects by displaying a variety of ads. They are continuously evolving, and constantly working to develop new features that will help their customers. If you plan to work with this platform it is worth checking current Coinzilla CPM rates.

Propeller Ads is a self-serve advertising network providing comprehensive ad-serving and optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers. While it is not one of the biggest ad networks, it may still be considered one of the top Google AdSense alternatives for blogger. Of course, there are many other options, including PropellerAds alternatives. Keep reading to learn more. If you plan running CPM campaigns it is worth checking current PropellerAds CPM rates.

If you are looking for a network similar to AdSense, Adsterra might be also worth considering. It is a smart technology publisher ad network that takes pride in its custom solutions. The ad network is known to offer the highest safety against bad or malware-hit ads through their fraud protection detection systems. If you plan running CPM campaigns, it is worth checking current Adsterra CPM rates.

It is an advertising network for publishers running medium- or high-traffic websites. They help website owners save the revenue often lost due to ad blocking software installed in web browsers. The network allows publishers to submit more than one websites for monetization. If you plan to work with this platform it is worth checking current HilltopAds CPM rates.


MGID is a pioneer in native advertising that provides solutions for advertisers, affiliate marketers, online stores, webmasters, web marketers, media buyers and publishers on one platform. This advertising company has a reputation for being one of the top-performing native ad networks for affiliates. You can’t call it an instant approval ad network, and it’s also not cheap, but if you are looking for a reliable partner to help you advertise your business or monetize your site, MGID is one of ad networks to be considered.

6. PopAds

PopAds is an advertising network specializing in popunders and poups. It is one of ad networks that processes publishers’ payment requests on a daily basis. Advertisers willing to use pop up ads have access to offers from approximately 50 countries.

Taboola is a native ad network founded in 2007 which started off as a content recommendation engine. It’s the platform to use if you want your offers to be displayed on high quality, expensive sites. It’s a great platform for companies that have big marketing budgets. If that’s not the case when it comes to your budget it is better to pick one of small ad networks, such as HilltopAds or Adshares.


So which are the highest paying AdSense alternatives or the best CPM ad network for blogger? It all depends on your needs. There are dozens of options and all have their pros and cons, as you will see if you compare add networks mentioned above more thoroughly. Either way, a good advertising network can be considered a useful tool for advertisers to increase lead generation, conversions, and sales, and for publishers to monetize their traffic and improve revenue.

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