Free Organic Traffic with 2kHits On Your Website 2021

Are you feeling difficulty to generating a large amount of traffic for your website/blog? Wants to know the most straightforward way, which you can create a large amount of organic traffic for your blog/website?

Then,something is here for you – free traffic with 2kHits

Thousands of bloggers across the world still use for generating a portion of traffic to their blog/website.

Free Organic Traffic with 2kHits On Your Website 2021

Overview of

2kHits is known as a web center and a new arrangement for users to register to your site. At the moment, it is merely like an online network of real people who visit and lift their websites ranks on browsers.

According to 2kHits they claimed that,

2kHits is a large traffic trading company that provides a wide range of sites with unlimited genuine human visitors till now. With 2kHits, consumers will receive endless views, have additional changes, support Alexa’s platform and increase the value of their website.

Joining is easy and does not require a charging pass. Nor is there any trick, it can use 100%!

I will tell you the proper joining steps with lots of tested tricks that I used. 2kHits also claims that they give modest records beginning at $3.5 a month that open up traffic for white names and geo-focus on highlights and much more.

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Reasons to provide your trust in 2kHits is:

Why trust in

1. 2kHits provides full-time customer support.

2. They have their community webs to clear doubts on an individual basis.

But, you may think that these are the several features which others provide that are in the same business and many turns out false for you.

So, let me tell you the thing that works me as the strong trust binder with this one, and now I see results and hence providing you this information is :

3. 2kHits provides the availability to generates traffic for the people with small traffic webs for free with their basic plan

It is kind of feel that is surprisingly amazing, and yes you hear it right,

It means that you can register with them for free with the basic plan and when you see results of increased traffic and then can upgrade your plan.

And, now onward you decided to give it a try and here are the proper steps that you follow along and remember, follow this steps patiently because it contains so much practical information in there that helps you avoid unnecessary problems during the joining Process,

Step1: Sign up with free Account :

for Signup, click on the image or here

To continue with, Make a free account. Make your username, password, and a substantial e-mail address.

After Signup you will receive 100 points on your account.

Step2: Add your website there :

To add your first site, click on the websites on 2kHits dashboard. 

Please provide the website URLs to which you will have to enter their network. set the timer from 10 to 200 seconds. And also set the maximum hits per hour, clicks, traffic sources and geo-focusing on (premium account) environments, just what you want.

You should usually update your record or purchase promoter bundles if you need more location openings.

Step3: Collect Traffic Points :

For your operating system, download the 2kHits exchanger application. You can also run web session from 2kHits website directly.

After installation, open the exchanger application and insert the session key provided in your account!

If you want more attention & Geo Targeting on on your site, than buy premium packages.

Advantages of 2kHits:

Real-time Human Visitors: This is not bots or a PC application that is pointless in trying to control the numbers.

Instead, from a large segment of visitors to your platform, you will get a constant flow of genuine people.

It will be a qualified positive sign for web search software to make sure that your platform has preference over the site of your competitor.

Who will, therefore, create a sustainable natural chain of visitors on your website.

Minimum Bounce Rate:

Any visitor who passes 2kHits will remain on your site for a particular term you can set. It means that your website’s bob output is meager. 

The speed you miss from your platform is what web-based metrics inform us of the essence of visitors on your site. It can only function tremendously to help you, as low as possible.

Boostuptraffic plans

Membership plans of 2kHits :

There are many plans available in 2kHits, these are :

Upgrade account: there are 6 upgrade plans in 2kHits

Now, in the free membership plan, there is some extra effort from your side to generate traffic.

So, here is the piece of advice that doesn’t buy the Pro membership in the first attempt.

Initially, get comfortable with this new environment and then when you start seeing progress than the only upgrade to paid services.

boostuptraffic upgrade plans


Now you know about some of the best auto surf traffic exchange website 2kHits. what do you think about it?

Is this Traffic Exchange site enough for your requirements? Or, did we miss any other feature that deserved to be mention?

If you are an experienced and professional blogger, we would like to hear your opinion on how good this website is?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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