Top 8 Best Mobile Apps To Earn Money Without Investment

There are many mobile apps to make money without investment, you can earn money online by completing minimum tasks. Though you don’t become rich overnight, but you can make some decent money for your day-to-day needs. Have you got some spare time in hand? Or don’t you know what to do with your smartphone and internet pack that can be productive?

Top 8 Best Mobile Apps To Earn Money Without Investment btcfunda

Look no further, as we have listed out the top 8 money-making apps without investment for you! In this list, we have covered different types, such as real cash winning apps, money earnings apps to make your hassle of finding the best lessened. You can showcase your skills, hobbies, interests or just spend some time watching ads, etc. To earn real money that can be small on a daily basis but worthwhile in the long run.

Has the travel junkie in you eyed the list for suitable money earning app from the list above? Well here’s one for, the Google Opinion Rewards that rewards those having useful information of the places around them and those visited and for voicing out there opinions. Like a survey, you are asked opinions on various things based on your profile. Rewards are not money or Paytm cash but redemption based on google products itself. You do get vouchers too from places like Swiggy, Flipkart so do check it out without major expectations.

For all the shutterbugs out there, ever thought you could from all the photo clicking that you spend your time on or creating doodles to drawing and vectors. Be it on a smartphone, a point, and shoot or even a DSLR where you may have spent a lot on for your hobby, earn money from them by becoming a Shutterstock contributor by downloading and Signing up on their app. Then upload your quality pics( not of yourself) or artwork that people may pay real money to use. Then whenever someone buys that photo on the platform you earn a part of the sale. Shooting great pics of interesting themes and describing them well with appropriate tags can help you earn a lot with the Shutterstock Contributor App.

If talking is all that you do all day without breaking a sweat, we have the best money making an app for you. The U Speak We Pay app needs you to speak words and sentences that appear on it which get recorded for their use. You get rewarded for every sentence that is spoken and with the support for 6 Indian language that consists of Hindi, Gujrati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu to English most us are covered to try it out. Just make sure that the recording is clear by using a quality device and no background noise for higher payouts. Again, the needs and requirements are not standard always meaning you may not get an unlimited or good number of sentences daily but based on the quality of the recordings making it a good money-making app but not the best. Try it out and who knows, your voice may be and diction might just work.

What if you wanted an app to earn not thinking or doing too much but simple stuff most of the time. The Taskbucks app can help you than by giving very simple avenues to earn like asking you to install apps for rewards, play a simple quiz to win Paytm cash and more. Used by thousands, it’s track record has ups and downs but can keep you engaged. By doing tasks diligently most of the rewards are provided but limited rewards withdrawal to specific days and conditions can be a little inconvenient. Give it a go as it is one of the best Paytm money earning apps but you may need to free up some space on your phone.

How about voicing your views out and opinions heard with the benefit of earning money for them? The Votechimp app helps you take simple surveys for brands and companies across the world completing which you earn rewards to avail(a form of money). These surveys can be just for a few mins or may take longer but mainly will required people in specific profiles thereby you time to time for not meeting it or providing non-genuine responses. On completing surveys again, the rewards need to meet a limit for you to redeem making it longer to avail. Once you get the knack of giving proper responses, the Votechimp app can be one of the best money making apps for you.

Who wouldn’t want to get paid for just watching videos? The AppTrailers app gets you that opportunity to do so by giving you rewards for every video watched on App or Play Store, Youtube and other platforms of their clients. They may also ask you to engage with it like, subscribe, comment, share etc for more rewards. Sounds like easy money making an app but from non-skippable ads and limited quota of videos, earning substantial amounts is fairly difficult as a consistent activity is required. Still, for those who are hooked to the TV, Youtube or social media it provides a unique proposition.

7. Loco

Has being knowledgable on various topics like current affairs, history, science etc been your thing making you a Trivia master. Instead of challenging people to quiz with no rewards, how about showcasing that hobby on a national money-making stage with the Loco Live quiz app. Considered among the best Paytm money earning apps, in Loco you play with thousands for a jackpot prize with people getting eliminated for each wrong answer. Those who get it all right win the jackpot amount divided equally. You can showcase your cricket edge too with their fantasy team or prediction based challenges. But note that the questions can be too specific or difficult still with multiple winners making you doubt the authenticity of them.

As a fitness junkie or an athletic enthusiast, none of the above money-making apps may have piqued your interest. Fret not and just get the StepSetGo app that rewards you for walking in general. Earn points for every thousand steps and exchange it for rewards on their bazaar. Encouraging you to take the steps everywhere and walk for nearby places it may be a great motivator. Losing even a single step in 1000 can make you lose the coin and the rewards may not be that interesting. Topping it all, your location needs to be On all the time intruding your privacy and mobile battery life.


Now you know about some of the most popular Mobile Apps to Warn Money without investment – what do you think about them?

Are these Apps good enough? Or, did we miss any of your favorite Earning App that deserved the mention?

I would like to hear your opinion on how good are these Most Popular Mobile Earning Apps without investment.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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