Adsterra Review 2020: Is This The Best Ad Network For Pulishers?

Adsterra Review 2020: Is This The Best Ad Network For Pulishers?

Publishers have tons of ways to make money with their website. Perhaps the easiest way would be to monetize the traffic by displaying ads on your website. Website like Adsterra claim’s that they can help you make money by displaying advertisers’ ads. The best site to find honest Adsterra reviews to help you determine whether they’re legit or a waste of time.

What Is Adsterra?

Adsterra is a digital advertising network that offers performance-based solutions for both advertisers and publishers worldwide. The company was founded in 2013. Adsterra headquartered in Nicosia, Agios Andreas in Cyprus.

How It Works?

Adsterra basically connects advertisers and publishers. the Publishers who would want to profit from using effective display ad formats including Pop-Unders, display banners, interstitials, direct links, video banners and display banners.

For Advertisers

As an advertiser you’ll get access to over 100,000 direct publishers with whom you can plan, launch, manage and analyze your ad campaigns. Using their Geo-targeted campaign approach, you can select your most suitable payment model including CPM, CPA, CPC, CPL, CPO, CPI (PPI). To get started all you have to do is book a consultation and they’ll guide you on the best way forward.

For Publishers

As a publisher, you can use Adsterra to monetize your traffic by displaying ads on your website. All you have to do is place a code to your site which generated by Adsterra and you can start making money immediately. Adsterra claims you’ll be able to monetize your impression with 100% fill rates and competitive CPMs customized to suit your needs. They have multiple ad formats for both desktop and mobile, choose the format which suits you. Adsterra will pay you via multiple payment channels.

How To Make Money With Adsterra?

How much money you can earn from Adsterra or just about any other ad network largely depends on the amount of traffic your website gets. They don’t really reveal their rates. They say your account manager will reveal the rates to you after signing up.

Adsterra Withdrawal Methods For Publishers?

  • PayPal — adsterra does not charge any fees but paypal might charge 3-5% fee for money load. More info here.
  • Bitcoin — when calculating the transfer amount to cryptocurrency the network fee is included. The fee amount depends on the cryptocurrency exchange rate and network load. Please keep in mind that bitcoin rate is very unstable. More info here.
  • Webmoney — adsterra charges 0.8% of payout sum (max $50). More info here.
  • Paxum — adsterra charges fix fee of $1 for every transaction. More info here.
  • Epayments — adsterra does not charge any fees for money transfers. epayments does not charge any fees for money load. Unfortunately epayments does not accept users from some countries (India, Pakistan, Egypt, Ecuador, Nigeria, Vietnam, Myanmar). You can ask epayments support if your country is in the black list. More info here.
  • Wire (bank transfer) — adsterra charges $50 for USD bank transfers and $0 for EUR bank transfers. You will need to provide a valid document in English (required by our bank)
Payments are automatic (no need to request them)
All payments are processed in USD (wires can be processed in EUR)
Minimum payout for PayPalBitcoin is $100
Minimum payout for WebmoneyPaxumePayments is $5
Minimum payout for wire is $1000
PayPalBitcoinWebmoneyPaxumePayments payments are instant (but please keep in mind that there might be a time gap between deduction of funds from your account till the moment you see them in your payment system balance).
Wire transfers are usually arriving within 3-4 business days.
Payment dates are 1-2 and 16-17 of each month. If these dates fall on weekends or holidays the payments will be processed on nearest business day.
On payment dates payouts are processed from 8.00 am till 8.00 pm GMT.
How to get date of your payment? Find out date when you reached reached the minimum payout amount. If it is in period 1-15 then you will be paid on 1st or 2nd of next month, if it is in period from 16th till the end of month then you will be paid on 16th or 17th of next month.
For example:
If you reached the minimum payout amount on 8th of June then your payment will be processed on 1st or 2nd of July.
If you reached the minimum payout amount on 16th of June then your payment will be processed on 16th or 17th of July.
If 1st of July is Saturday then payments will be processed on 3rd and 4th of July.

Adsterra Requirements & Restrictions for Traffic

Unfortunately, some of you, Adsterra doesn’t accept every Tom Dick and Harry. There are a couple of traffic requirements you’ll need to meet including:

  • At least 5,000 impressions per month to qualify for pop-unders
  • At least 50,000 impressions per month to qualify for banner displays
  • Hacking or Phreaking, Software Pirating (for example Warez) sites are prohibited
  • No Pornographic content
  • Sites Containing or linking to any form of illegal activity
  • No sites that promote racial, ethnic, political, hate-mongering or otherwise objectionable content
  • Sites that contain material that defames, abuses, or threatens physical harm to others
  • Inappropriate newsgroup postings, chat or forum abuse, unsolicited email (SPAM)
  • Any site that promotes any illegal activity whatsoever

If any reason you don’t make the cut to join Adsterra, keep on smiling because not all networks have the same requirements. You may want to consider Maxbounty.comTraffic Jam or Ezoic as alternatives.

Once again, 5,000 and 50,000 monthly impressions may sound like a stretch, especially if you’re just starting out. However, Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to drum up tons of traffic so you can meet these requirements. You’ll get the tools and strategies you need to get FREE organic traffic from Google. It’s even free to get started.

How To Join..

To join Adsterra as a publisher, all you need to do is fill out their registration form. They’ll review your application within 48 hours and if you get accepted, a personal manager will contact you with the requested ad codes. Once you integrate the code into your site, ads will start to appear almost instantly.

How To Login..

If all goes well with your application, you can login to your account and begin tracking your earnings.

Adsterra Support

If you’re a member, your personal manager will be your support contact person. But for general enquiries, you can send a posted mail to Ad Market Ltd, 15 Agiou Pavlou Str, Ledra House, Agios Andreas, 1105, Nicosia, Cyprus. Their headquarters are located at 15 Spyrou Kyprianou Street, Matrix Tower II, 4001, Limassol, Cyprus. You can also send an email to or call them up on +357 25 260 025

Should You Join Adsterra?

The answer is YES: because Adsterra is not a scam. If you have a website with good traffic then they will pay you always. Adsterra may be a late entry into the market, but they’re doing quite well, serving over 10 billion geo-targeted ads a month. There is no sign that they’re a waste of time, although your traffic needs to be really clean and to avoid getting banned, not forgetting the minimum monthly impressions requirement. Bottom line is, if you want to join an ad network that’s great with Pop-Unders, Adsterra is one of the best in the market.

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